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Hi. This is Justin Miller from with another wedding quick tip. This week I just wanted to share with you some of our work from over the weekend. We had a very busy weekend with a lot of staff out. Friday night we did a big fundraising gala at the Putnam Museum in Davenport. And then Saturday night we did a large production-style wedding reception at Jumer’s Hotel and Casino in Rock Island, Illinois. And it’s the Jumer’s wedding I wanted to show you some of pictures actually. Specifically in that event, I wanted to tell you and show you what happens when you bring multiple professionals together in their own areas.

So in this particular event we were hired to provide lighting and effects and DJ services primarily for the event. We also did a slide show for them and other stuff. And a photo booth, I guess too. So we actually had 4 staff members on site. But if you take a look at the pictures, you’re going to see that there’s also a lot of design and décor elements. So they had chandeliers hanging. And just a ton of floral. And if you’ll look around, you’ll see that it was very beautiful. A lot of the design was done by Tamara Wendt Design. And then like I said, we came in with the lighting and the uplighting kind of thing. So if you look around, there’s a couple of things I want to point out to you on this. First off, the room is very elegant. Very formal. Very beautiful when you walk in. And it gives you kind of that gasp, wow, reveal when the guests first come into the room, which is very important.

What I want you to consider later in the event then, after your guests have been there for a couple of hours, that wow, regardless of how big it was, starts to fade on them a little bit. And that’s where it’s important then that you have a lighting style company that can come and change things up and have a little fun. So in this case, the room stayed pretty much the same up through dinner, up through the first dances, but when we got to the party, we were able to change the color of the room. We were able to add some movement and motion on the dance floor via our lighting there. So that’s very important to be able to transform the room. It helps keep people’s attention. It helps keep the guests having fun.

Now, the second thing I want to point out in this is that everything matches. So we have two different vendors and everything works together without seeming out of place. So if you’re looking for it, you can obviously see it. But above the dance floor is where all our dance floor lighting is. So it’s up in the air, I don’t know, about 14′ up in the air. And then the DJ booth is actually all the way against the wall, separated from the dance floor, which poses some acoustical challenges. But companies can usually overcome that if they know about it and know how to work with it. But important to the design of things, everything flows and it blends.

We don’t have what I like to call the DJ fortress. And we tell our client about this all the time. And I’m sure you’ve seen it if you’ve been to some weddings. So a lot of DJs like to build a fortress around them as if preparing for war or something. So on this side of the booth, the biggest speaker they can find. On this side’s another speaker. And then on top we just put as many lights as we possibly can. And then why not just top it off with a nice tacky banner as well. And that’s normally what you’ll see. But as you can see in these pictures, we try and blend with the facility. We want everything to be beautiful. We don’t want the attention drawn to us. We want to focus on the bride and groom and the dance floor and where the party’s at.

And then we can be a point of that. We can walk into the spotlight if we need to get people’s attention. But we can also be in the background when it’s not necessary. So I hope you enjoyed some of these pictures. I hope it inspires you and gives you some ideas for your own event. There’s many other pictures and many other wedding quick tips on our website at And as always, if you need help with anything, just email or call. And I’ll be happy to help you with your event. Good luck!

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