The New Wedding Chic – Wedding Favor Designer Trios

Posted on July 12, 2018 By

Times are changing. Bridal dresses are more colorful, bridesmaid' s gowns Do not have to match, destination wedding ceremonies are in vogue and wedding favour trios are bursting on the picture. But what exactly is a wedding favor developer trio?

So many wedding ceremonies are themed: beach weddings, fancy, fairy tale, heart themes, and the listing lasts forever. Everything in that wedding ceremony points to who the wedding couple are and what they love. So many times while consulting on a wedding ceremony, the bride would turn to myself and say, "But why do I have to do it that way?" I in no way had an answer for her, because the majority of what we do at weddings comes after tradition. Then who' s to express that tradition can not be changed.

This exact situation happened recently. The couple' s theme has been "love." From the ceremony towards the honeymoon, they planned it surrounding this word and showed it in each area of ​​the day. Then all of us came to the final decision; what wedding mementos were they going to choose, contemplating there are so many with their specific theme. That' s when she turned plus asked me that question that has changed the way we look at wedding mementos.

We went through every favour we had: love coasters, love container stoppers, love candles and the listing seemed to continue forever. She enjoyed too many of them. Suddenly, I had a concept. Why not mix and match the wedding opt to coordinate with the love theme from the wedding? She was so thrilled she could barely contain it. She turned to me and said, "I can do that?"

So happily we decided on a trio of wedding favors that matched perfectly with each other and with the couple' t theme. That day, for us, the wedding ceremony favor designer trio was born. And since that day, wedding right after wedding – even the ones I had formed no part in – have got trios of favors gracing the particular tables of the guests.

I' ve said it many times just before and I' ll keep duplicating myself; it' s your wedding. You have to be happy with your day. Hopefully it will probably be the only one you' ll ever have got. So break the rules. In this particular case, overturning that wedding favour tradition is now the chic action to take! (

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