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Unique Wedding Packages: A Las Vegas Klingon Wedding

How’s this for a singular marriage ceremony? You can have a Klingon current at your Las Vegas marriage ceremony. Great if you’re a Star Trek fan, fascinating even if you’re not. This is certainly a possibility you’ll solely discover in Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Hilton’s read more

Traditional Indian Wedding Dances

Indians are famous for throwing exorbitant, magnificent weddings with lots of color, loud songs and enthusiastic dancing. An Indian wedding is an auspicious occasion recognized with great zest, fervor plus enthusiasm. Weddings all over the world are recognized enthusiastically, but the thing that read more

Pros and Cons of Holding a Bachelorette Party

Should you hold a bachelorette party? Many brides are tempted to hold one wild and fun night out with their girlfriends. The old tradition of “bachelor parties” has now been handed to the brides. No longer are women satisfied with just having a tea party and opening presents. They want read more

Wedding DJ Horror Story – "Sure, I DJ For Weddings"

Over the past decade, the DJ market has become saturated with low cost, and low quality, disc jockeys that could care less about the standard etiquette of DJing. It is often easy to find these DJs because they pride themselves on having music libraries with over 100,000 songs, usually downloaded illegally, read more

Top Christian Wedding Songs For Your Wedding Reception

Music performs significant role in your wedding ceremony plus reception. As you begin planning for ” special ” day, there are several considerations for Christian songs that would make a great match to any wedding or reception. Weddings should be considered a celebration of adore and honor, read more

Wedding Reception Protocol – Who Says What and When?

A wedding reception can be formal or casual, but you must make sure you do it right — in other words you should follow the normal wedding party protocol as that is what people may expect. Note however that the process is not as rigid as you may think, and can be regarded even more as a set of read more

Selecting the Perfect Funeral Song to Create a Celebration of Life

Music can add a extremely special touch and feeling to the funeral or life special event that you are planning. Music has a way of bringing back remembrances to special moments in our life. It’s important to put a few thought into the music plus songs that you select for your own or your loved read more