Planning a Wedding : How to Get People Dancing at Your Wedding

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One thing most people want to have at their wedding is dancing. It is a celebration so you should have dancing at your wedding. And one of the best ways to get people on the dance floor is the music you choose. And the really good way to get people on the dance floor is hiring a band. A band really brings that live atmosphere and who could be sitting down when there’s a band playing. And make sure it’s a band of music you like. You can choose anything from a traditional wedding band to a rock band or cover band, of your favorite band like a Journey or a Styx band that you might like. You also can choose something if you are in, if you are from part of the country where they listen to blue grass music or western swing always is a fun way to get people up and dancing because you can’t be sitting down when that’s sort of music is happening.

If you do want to have more of a slow dance going on, there’s also jazz trios or people like there’s Beatles cover bands that really do bring out some of the fun in a wedding. If you do choose to have DJ, make sure you pick music that most people know and like. The popular traditionals like the B-52’s Love Shack gets people out on the dance floor and singing their lungs out. Also the YMCA or some of the newer music that gets people out dancing like the electric slide or the Cuban dance which I don’t really know the name. But it does get people out on the dance floor and laughing and learning. So just remember keep it up beat and get people out there to dance..

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Electric slide is nice but see this first before planning any wedding

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