Planning a Wedding : How to Choose Dinner Music for Your Wedding Reception

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Choosing dinner music for your reception is something that can get a little tricky because a lot of the times either you have a band playing or you have a DJ. In that circumstance, you might want to have a separate set of music. You might actually want to continue to use your music from your ceremony and hire those players to play during your actual dinner especially if it’s a sit down dinner because this is when people want to eat and have conversation and you don’t want the music to overpower. But at the same time, you don’t want to put your guests asleep. Just remember to pick something that is upbeat but dinner music, a Frank Sinatra tribute might be nice or something very upbeat but not loud like a hip-hop song.

But you do want to especially include music that you enjoy some jazz numbers might be nice but also remember want to talk and enjoy their food and not be overpowered by the music. So just remember some things that you might enjoy listening to might not be perfect for dinner. You might want to save those for when the wedding reception really kicks in when people start dancing. And also tell the DJ or the musicians playing to start playing the music a little louder towards the end of dinner so it really blends well when the music kicks in for dancing.

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