Planning a Bridal Shower : Bridal Shower Music

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Today I’m going to end up being talking about music for your bridal bath, and how music kind of sets the particular tone. But you want to be careful when you are playing certain music. Not always the bride’s favorite music is exactly what you want to play at the bridal bath. Is it better to mix a CD of her favorite songs? Yeah, she might have some songs that might be great, but there’s CDs currently made you can buy… “All Dressed in White” has wedding ceremony songs. There’s just a lots of things you can do for music if you don’t have your own personal ideas. There’s CDs already comprised, but a really good idea I believe is to ask the bride himself what she likes and just find out if you can incorporate it into the disposition, the setting of your bridal bath. So maybe get a listing of her favorite songs and just pick and choose what works best. Maybe ask her mom too, if her mother’s friends will be there.

It just depends on what sort of bridal shower you’re going to be getting. If it’s more fun and thrilling, just get lively music. There’s simply so many. Music really does set the particular mood, so just make sure you use a great… use good judgment if you choose your music for the bridal bath..

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