Latin American Wedding Traditions

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Every culture has its own wedding customs and the Latin American marriage ceremony is not any different. There are countless distinctive Latin American wedding traditions which are still followed to this day and are portion of what makes the day special for every Latina bride.


In Latin American custom, the night before the wedding, a procession takes place from the groom’s house towards the bride’s family home. Hand lanterns are usually carried and the groom’s family have a gift-filled chest as a present for that bride’s parents.


As in many some other cultures, the Latin bride and groom are usually forbidden to see each other before the marriage ceremony. The bride’s father’s responsibility would be to keep the bride hidden away and after that to give her away as part of the wedding ceremony service. It is the groom’s work to escort his mother over the aisle.

Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

As in many other cultures, Latin American wedding traditions dictate there should be a flower girl and a band bearer and that they should wear clothing that are copies of the bride plus groom’s outfits.


13 gold coins symbolizing Jesus and the apostles form an essential part of the ceremony. They are introduced by the groom to show that he can offer for his wife and are fortunate by the presiding priest to be provided to the bride as part of the service.

Bridal Dress

Every Latina bride knows essential her wedding dress is. In conventional Latin American weddings, she the mantilla veil and orange flowers in her bouquet and tresses are wore to symbolize joy and fulfillment. Although Latin wedding gowns are now often white, traditionally the particular bridal dress color was dark to show devotion for her husband till death.


Traditionally, both the bride and groom put on rings following their engagement on the right hands. After the wedding ceremony, they swap the rings for their left hand.

Binding Together

In Latin American tradition, the lasso wire is used to bind the few together during the ceremony. This is usually either a rosary or white string tied around the couple’s’ shoulders as a symbol of their union.


As in many civilizations, giving guests wedding favors is an important section of the ceremony. Capias, or small presents, are given to guests during the getting line and took the form associated with ribbons with the names of the wedding couple and the date of the marriage in it.

The White Bell

During some Latin American weddings, there is a white bell hung outside the church filled with grain and flour to symbolize success. As the couple enters the particular church, the bell is damaged by the mother to wish the particular couple luck.


In traditional Latin American culture, it is the godparents (or sponsors) who bear the cost of the wedding ceremony and also play a big part within the ceremony. It was their obligation to carry in the arras (gold coins) and the lasso cord into the wedding ceremony.

First Dance

After the ceremony, the particular bride and groom dance their first dancing while the guests take to the floor inside a heart shape surrounding them.

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