How to Plan Your Wedding Ceremony Music and Make Your Song Selections

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From the moment the particular guests file in, your songs has the power to set the shade for your ceremony. With such a selection of options available and so much riding around the selection, choosing your music can be a daunting task. Plan your wedding wedding ceremony music with these tips on selecting your own ceremony musicians and selecting the particular tunes for the different components of the particular ceremony.

Consult Your Ceremony Site

Be sure to consult with your wedding ceremony site before making your musical choices. Many places of worship do not let secular music and have stringent rules about what songs may be used. If you are holding an outdoor wedding ceremony, be sure that your ceremony musicians will have a spot to set up and, most importantly, become heard.

Determine Your Ceremony Music Style

Setting the theme for the entire marriage ceremony, the site will help determine the type of wedding ceremony musicians you use. Steel drums might be perfect for an outdoor beach ceremony, whilst a bold trumpet quartet may sound impressive in an elaborate cathedral.

Once you have established an overall concept and selected your ceremony music artists, you will need to choose the specific songs selections for the different components of the wedding wedding ceremony. This list of popular wedding tracks will help you get started with categorized lists of the very requested tunes for each component of your own ceremony and reception.


The chairs are filling, and the haven is buzzing with guests conference, greeting and anticipating the big event. Your music selections during the prelude may set the mood for the wedding ceremony; gentle jazz or chamber songs works perfectly here. The songs should not overpower the mood; instead, it should compliment the budding enjoyment.


This is a generally solemn second as important family members are sitting down. As loving family members relinquish youngsters into a new life and loved ones, the ceremony music should reveal the significance of the occasion. While the option is yours, traditional ceremony songs usually works best here.


As the wedding ceremony party appears at the head from the wedding aisle, the ceremony music artists will switch from the pre-processional to the processional. Consider a speed that permits the wedding party to stroll at an exact pace while increasing the suspense for the wedding visitors.

Bride’s Entrance

This is the moment that you simply and your guests have desperately awaited. The ceremony music ought to reflect the excitement and become dramatic and sweeping. The conventional selection is Wagner’s Bridal Chorus (Here Comes the Bride), several brides are not afraid to put in something a little more reflective of their special personality. Whatever you choose should be strong and exciting and comfortable to suit your needs. Take a deep breath and walk… this is your moment.


You did it! You’re now man and wife, and the music you perform while you and your new spouse stroll up the aisle should reflect that will excitement and elation. Have your own ceremony musicians play something some thing joyous and upbeat. The conventional selection is Mendelssohn’s Wedding March.

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