Do you really need to hire a DJ for your wedding? iPod vs Wedding DJ

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IPods are great for listening to music at home, but when it comes to your wedding reception, DJs bring the party! [INTRO MUSIC] Hi Lee Bevington with 60 second wedding secrets. You know, choosing the entertainment for your wedding is certainly one decision you want to get right. It’s what keeps your guests at the wedding after dinner. If they’re bored, more often than not, they could leave early. Leaving you with one very expensive meal. So what should you do for music? Should you just use an iPod with your favourite songs? Or is hiring a professional wedding dj better? Well an iPod is fine for dinner music.

You can set a playlist with an easy listening format and hit play to create the perfect atmosphere while you and your guests eat. However the benefits of a professional wedding dj exceeds the limitations of an iPod. They have the ability to program music on the fly and play it as the mood changes. They can play a mix of music that appeals to all ages and they also entertain with personality, using humour, song requests and games. Not to mention cool lights and also a rocking PA. To find this and other quick tips to make your wedding rock, hit subscribe and visit I’m Lee Bevington and I’ll see you at the wedding..

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