Wedding DJs Playlist

The Pros and Cons of a Morning Wedding

So a lot is written about evening weddings that this idea of a morning wedding ceremony can be overlooked. Beautiful weddings may take place at any time of day, nevertheless – just look at the 11am begin time of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding service. These are some of the read more

Planning a Wedding : How to Choose Dinner Music for Your Wedding Reception

Choosing dinner songs for your reception is something which can get a little tricky due to the fact a lot of the times either you might have a band playing or you possess a DJ. In that situation, you might want to have a individual set of music. You might actually would like to continue to use your read more

Information on Caribbean Music

Caribbean music is one of the most popular music around the globe. It an uniquely inventive songs and there is different rhythm for each island. The Caribbean music is extremely lively and joyful. It will be energetic and can boost you upward. it is a very simple and soothing however peppy and foot read more

How Polish Wedding Receptions Compare to Scottish Wedding Receptions

Despite the lack of Scottish ceilidh music in Polish weddings they still have sufficient excitement to make the entire evening go with a bang! Both countries have strong traditions of great wedding ceremony parties so here is a short assessment so you know just what to appearance forward to if you read more