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Wedding Bloopers – How to Keep Them From Happening to You

You want the wedding ceremony of your dreams not of your disturbing dreams, right? You do not want some thing from your wedding winding up as a marriage blooper on YouTube! Here are usually 5 pitfalls to avoid to keep that from happening.


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How to Shop Music for a Grand Wedding

Weddings are usually a celebration of love that will starts the moment the event dates are usually finalized. At traditional Hindu wedding ceremonies, the families of the bride as well as the groom start preparations for the best day to incorporate the richness of their cultural heritage and put a read more

Wedding First Dance – The First Dance at Your Wedding With a Great Wedding Band

Most couples have a song that is special to them in fact it is traditional for the bride and groom to start the wedding ceremony evening' s party by dance to their chosen song (although this is simply not set in stone! ). Although this is not mandatory, it is a nice way to begin the evening as read more

Match Wedding Music with Wedding Theme

From the time we have been old enough to talk, we are encircled by weddings. We all develop imagining our partners and wedding ceremony attire, hoping that it will be the ideal event. However, what many of us don’t understand is that it takes months of preparing and perfection. After all, there read more