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How Do Filipinos Celebrate Weddings?

How do Filipinos celebrate wedding ceremonies may sound strange to foreign people, but if they do get a chance to see a traditional Filipino wedding, they will definitely love the experience. Weddings in the Philippines are never an one-day event. The wedding preparation takes months. And then comes read more

The 10 All Time Unforgettable Mother Son Wedding Songs

Weddings are an amazing celebrations of lifestyle, love and family; and section of the festivities revolve around music. There are various customs to indicate this occasion and recognize unique relationships. One of these time honored traditions is with a song that is selected just for them.

Mother read more

How to Find a Great DJ | Perfect Wedding

My name is Barbara Esses and am do events for a residing. I’m Ruthie Hecht; I’m a celebration planner and I work with and for our mother. We’re going to show you the do’s and don’ts for your perfect wedding. Today there are many night clubs all over America where DJ’s read more

Traditional Indian Wedding Dances

Indians are famous for throwing exorbitant, magnificent weddings with lots of color, loud songs and enthusiastic dancing. An Indian wedding is an auspicious occasion recognized with great zest, fervor plus enthusiasm. Weddings all over the world are recognized enthusiastically, but the thing that read more

How to DJ a Wedding

How to DJ a Wedding. Follow these tips to be the wedding ceremony DJ everyone is talking about. You will require A playlist A meeting with the wedding couple A list of names and announcements The backup CD of the first-dance music Equipment Formal attire and a positive and friendly disposition. Step read more

Top Christian Wedding Songs For Your Wedding Reception

Music performs significant role in your wedding ceremony plus reception. As you begin planning for ” special ” day, there are several considerations for Christian songs that would make a great match to any wedding or reception. Weddings should be considered a celebration of adore and honor, read more

Popular Wedding Music | DJ Lessons

“Popular DJ Wedding Music When you get booked to DJ a wedding, first thing you want to do is you want to speak with your client and figure out what type of music they’re into. You don’t want to treat two crowds the same or two audiences the same because what worked for one party read more