Latin American Wedding Traditions

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Every culture has its own wedding customs and the Latin American marriage ceremony is not any different. There are countless distinctive Latin American wedding traditions which are still followed to this day and are portion of what makes the day special for every Latina bride.


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A Do It Yourself Wedding in New York City For $10,000 Or Less, Is It Possible?

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A do-it-yourself (DIY) wedding in New York City sounds like an oxymoron, but it can be achieved. There are various ways of complying with that statement above and all for less than $10, 000. Well, under $10, 000. You can still have very an extravagant wedding, even a good over the top wedding for read more

33 Best R&B Songs For Your Wedding Reception

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If you are looking to set a sensuous vibe at the wedding reception, look no further than a playlist filled with R&B wedding songs.   With smooth bass lines and sexy lyrics, R&B songs of adore and devotion are perfect for shifting, grooving, and romance on the dancing floor.   But read more

Top Country Songs of All Time – Four Evergreen Country Songs

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Country music, with its enlightening ensemble of banjos, harmonicas, electric powered guitars, violins, and acoustic electric guitars, has captured many fans through around the world. Although it began within 1920s, the music gained its recognition during the 1940s. With many designs and sub-genres read more

Top 7 Bridal Shower Games

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Having a bridal shower regarding someone is great fun and requires a large amount of planning. During the bridal bath you will also have to think about the bridal bath games that you want to play. People actually look forward to these, so you have to get them to as enjoyable as possible. There are read more

Garhwali Marriage

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Garhwali are the individuals belonging to Garhwal region in Uttarakhand. The region is surrounded with the hills and is full of greenery plus pleasant weather. Other than panoramic beauty, the place and the people associated with Garhwal are famous for their anti-dowry approach towards the weddings read more

Shangaan Weddings

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Many changes took place on the African Continent during the past centuries however a history of custom and culture still exists. The people are still keen to share the particular stories of their ancestors and even though culture has been modified over time the particular roots of tradition still read more